ST. LOUIS, MO – Prozess Technology (Prozess), the industry leader in providing intelligent process analyzer systems (iPAS) for manufacturers, today unveiled a new product offering that will allow manufacturers to implement FDA compliant PAT solutions quickly, easily, and without capital outlay. Prozess calls this new offering Process Analytics as a Service (PAaaS).

Manufacturers around the world have been working for years to achieve greater production efficiencies by improving quality, reducing waste and reducing time-to-market, while maintaining regulatory compliance and strict manufacturing practices. In these efforts, organizations have turned toward PAT (Process Analytical Technology) tools and systems to reduce production cycle times, increase automation, improve efficiency, manage production variability, increase capacity, and ultimately facilitate continuous processing.

This new offering from Prozess is a complete “as a Service” model. For an annual subscription fee customers will receive an entire suite of tools (hardware and software), a host of professional services, and world-class scientific expertise. Effectively, Process Analytics as a Service makes industry-transforming PAT increasingly accessible to manufacturers from both an economic and an operational standpoint.

With Process Analytics as a Service, customers receive a robust, completely integrated solution-set which includes: the intelligent process analyzer system, sampling interface, chemometric modeling, advanced analytics, on-site system installation, IQ / OQ, ongoing support, and more. Additionally, customers have access to Prozess’ entire portfolio of technologies (NIR, LIF, UV-VIS) and sampling interfaces which can be exchanged on demand.

The flexibility and completeness of this new offering will enable manufacturers to respond quickly and effectively to market demands by leveraging state-of-the-art tools, scientific expertise and operational know-how.

“Prozess is committed to providing innovative solutions to improve manufacturing”, says Prozess founder and CTO, Dr. Susan Bragg. “Our goal is to provide our customers with an all-encompassing solution that will enable them to reap the benefits of PAT and respond to market demands.”

Process Analytics as a Service has been under development for over a year, and is a direct response to feedback from pharmaceutical manufacturers across the globe who are experiencing increased challenges to employ PAT, but face budget and resource challenges.

Prozess is a leading supplier to the highly-regulated pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and counts 16 of the largest 20 global pharmaceutical manufacturers as customers.

About Prozess Technologie

Prozess Technologie enables its customers to understand and control their manufacturing processes in real-time. The company creates intelligent process analyzer systems to increase quality, yield, and productivity while reducing risk and downtime in the manufacturing environment. Customers can gather, process, and interpret data in milliseconds while viewing the data securely from wherever they are as part of an enterprise-wide integrated process management system.

Prozess Technologie’s integrated hardware and software solutions are in use across the world by manufacturing customers in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and petrochemical sectors. The company is a closely held, private organization, owned by investors and employees, operating out of Silicon Valley, California and Saint Louis, Missouri.

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