Learn about some of our targeted Intelligent Process Analytical Systems (iPAS). In this section we provide some details about each system, including: product description, key features and platform components.



Our real-time measurement and control solutions can be applied to a wide range of industries and manufacturing processes to increase quality, yield, and productivity while reducing both risk and downtime.


Process Analytics aaS

One Fee, a suite of tools, services and Science. For one annual subscription fee, pick and choose from our portfolio of Intelligent Process Analytical Systems, sampling interfaces, pro services and more.


Custom Solutions

Custom solutions are no problem! Our fully integrated platform was architected from the ground up to be both flexible and extensible, and our team of consultants and scientists thrive on solving manufacturing challenges.



Our software, known as NovaSuite, is comprised of two packages: NovaPAC and NovaMath. Together they provide everything you need for real-time measurement of unit operations, chemometric modeling, multivariate data interpretation, process analyzer control and so much more.


Intelligent Mfg

The connectedness of people and devices is having a dramatic impact on manufacturing. The Internet of Everything, the Smarter Planet, and the Industrial Internet are a few of the titles that have been given to this concept.

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